Allison Transmission 3000 Gearbox

A Visualising the intricate working of the 3000 series gearbox – on an international stage

It takes a special kind of talent to visualise the inner workings of gearboxes, animating the essential elements that just can’t be captured on film. As a technical animation studio specialising in this specialist work we understand that it’s these complex details that make our client’s products unique, and our work with Allison Transmission is a perfect example of this.



The Brief

Global giant Allison Transmission was set to launch the highly acclaimed 3000 Series gear box at an European Expo. To create high visibility in the competitive automotive industry, the client wanted to make a splash to ensure their product was noticed– on an international stage.


Our Response

The product launch had to wow the industry, and the work had to be to gear. Working closely with the team at Allison Transmission, we created a detailed technical animation to fully visualise its complexities. Our work appeared as part of a film which was unveiled at the experiential European launch event created by Centrescreen. Such was its success that it has gone on to be used worldwide in the marketing of the 3000 series.

This was the start of a lasting partnership and shortly after we were recommissioned to create an interactive CBT training application for use in the organisation’s European customer training centre.


How we do it