Ascenz Ships

Creating cgi for an international client base

We were introduced to Singapore- based Ascenz by Rolls Royce Marine who suggested us as a cgi partner. We are very proud of this personal recommendation, which is testament to our reputation for expertise and flexibility, along with our ability to service a world-wide client based.



Marine_Ascenz_AHTS_ CGI_01

The Brief

Ascenz provides remote fuel consumption and bunkering monitoring systems to shipping companies across the globe. Utilising dynamic technology and advanced technology, the product range assists with fuel savings and efficiency management. Ascenz required us to produce a range of images to showcase the product range at several leading international events and expos.


Marine_Ascenz_AHTS_ CGI_04

Our Response

We created set of images showing the product range and demonstrating how these work with other components and on different vessels, from an Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessel (ASHT) to an Oil Tanker. This initial project was extended and we went on to produce additional work for the organization.


Marine_Ascenz_AHTS_ CGI_02

How we do it