Bombardier Diamond Hanger

Visualising a “hanger of the future” for the luxury private airline market

Creating marketing materials to pitch a destination before it has been built has always been a challenge for developers. Investors want to understand exactly what they can expect for their money, so it’s crucial that they are able to visualise the end result in order to “buy in “ to the concept. This is where cgi plays a pivotal role in the creative process, conveying a true-to-life feel to the early plans and presentations.



The Brief

Manchester-based creative agency LDA called on Short CGI to assist them to create “beautifully branded marketing materials” to be used as part of a pitch to high-end jet manufacturer Bombardier. “Diamond Hanger”, based at Luton airport, was being proposed as a first-class travel destination to maximise the excitement and romance of luxury air travel. The service included a private lounge, concierge service and valeting service, designed to appeal to the discerning customer.


Our Response

The brief was to create content to visualise a high-end, state of the art hanger for private jets. This was achieved by creating 3d models of the jets and adding elements to bring to life the original photography. We used a mix of images and cgi to create a set of images, adding a touch of class to capture the luxurious feel of a “hanger of the future” for a VIP client base. After the 3d assets had been rendered our post production team added them to the photography to visualise how the Diamond Hanger would look when fully operational.


How we do it