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Thinking outside the box in a multi-language training manual

Technical and installation manuals can be a minefield, often involving expensive updates and numerous translations as products evolve. Forward thinking organisations, such as our client Gerbreit Bathrooms, have started to understand the benefits achieved by replacing studio photography with cgi, leading to huge cost savings and flexibility all round.



Bathroom Gerbriet Monolith Main bathroom

The Brief

High-end Swiss bathroom manufacturer Gerbreit required an installer’s manual for use in fifteen different languages. The content produced had to work hand in hand with the company’s existing website, with its distinctive quirky style.


Bathroom Gerbriet Monolith_Anim_06

Our Response

Our wealth of experience in producing cgi training materials gave us an in-depth understanding of the detailed instructional manual. We were able to mirror the style of the website and create an accurate training tool for installation engineers world-wide. Instantly updatable and text-free, the use of animated installation demonstrations allowed the client to replace costly multi-language paper-based manuals with one version with universal reach.

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How we do it