Screentek Office furniture

Beautifully practical furniture for the modern office

Office furniture is important. With an average working week of over 40 hours, we spend much of our time in the workplace – and employers know that physical comfort plays a key role in an employee’s effectiveness.

Cgi is fast becoming the preferred way for furniture manufacturers to showcase designs to customers before a product goes into production. With photography costs on the increase, cgi can save up to 80% of the expense of studio time, while also allowing the flexibility to change initial designs as products are upgraded.




The Brief

Screentek are a UK based office furniture manufacturer who briefed us to visualise a new product range, enabling them to showcase it to customers before committing to production costs.



Our Response

We created a range of imagery to aid the sales team, producing individual images and full room sets. This allowed them to showcase the product range in different styles and colours, including intricate details to provide the sales teams with the tools to confidently sell the product range.

Our images were used in full colour in both online and print brochures, as well as in black and white for instructional training materials.


How we do it