Short CGI and Rolls-Royce – a relationship spanning almost two decades

We’re extremely proud of our longstanding relationship with Rolls-Royce – indeed, it’s the place where founder Chris Guerin first developed his passion for CGI.

During this time we’ve produced digital assets of the full portfolio of engines, seeing several through their entire product lifecycle. Our work on the MT30 marine Gas Turbine engine, housed in numerous applications, began in 2001. As the product has evolved, Short CGI have worked closely with the Rolls-Royce team creating variants of the engine as required.

Our work was created using detailed general arrangement drawings and the digital asset is used online in video, brochures and as an experiential showcase.


Overlay comments

  • Model optimised using supplied general arrangement drawings.
  • Digital assets used in CBT training lead to significant reduction in training times.
  • Digital asset reused across Training and Marketing Departments leading to cost efficiencies
  • Future products can be visualised in any scenario to a photo-real finish.


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