Short CGI work with architects, training developers and marketing agencies to help bring their visions and designs to life. 

We work in partnership with clients from the planning and design stage to replicate physical built products or environments in photo-real CGI. These images enhance the process from design and development through to sale, and are increasingly used by marketing agencies and developers to sell off-plan.Our clients have demonstrated that CGI is no longer an extra project cost but provides significant return on investment. CGI material is your sales person online and in print and pays for its self with more and quicker sales.


  Visualising the good life for egg homes luxury Lakes development It Purchasing a new home is often the biggest financial commitment someone…

Apartment Masion group Lincon Main Short-CGI

Modernising a sixties tower block for the 21st  the Century Student Sometimes projects call for us to be bold in…

Care Home Keepmoat Blurton-Stoke CGI 01

Keepmoat approached us to work with their Leeds based architects West and Machell.  Keepmoat was designing three new multi-million pound…


Beautifully practical furniture for the modern office Office furniture is important. With an average working week of over 40 hours,…

Bathroom Gerbriet Monolith Main bathroom
Bathroom Gerbriet Monolith_Main
Bathroom Gerbriet Monolith_Anim_06
Bathroom Gerbriet Monolith_Anim_07
Bathroom Gerbriet Monolith_Anim_05
Bathroom Gerbriet Monolith_03
Bathroom Gerbriet Monolith_02
Bathroom Gerbriet Monolith_01

Thinking outside the box in a multi-language training manual Technical and installation manuals can be a minefield, often involving expensive…


Our Clients include Rolls-Royce where we created engine cutaways; system diagrams and full animated sequences to help train their customer’s engineers.


* Much of our work in this area is subject to security restrictions and therefore cannot be displayed. References for this work can be obtained upon request