Let us manage the whole project

Short cgi have been working across all platforms and discipline integrating our CG imagery across Training and marketing material for many years.

In this time we have worked with In house teams at B2C/B2B business, Creative agency’s and Architects.

We get approached many time for our client to create or commission lots of creative and training services without talking about it.

We considered re branding as a full service Agency but feel this would give a mix message of our core brand of being a Technical CG studio, while looking like we are competing with some of our clients.

This is where we decided offer a consultancy service offering to manage a full project bring in all the necessary skill set to create your Project, which gives our clients a better service and our other client are the ones we will be recommending.

Below is a small list of specialty’s services that we know are the best in the business at what theydo that could save you time and money finding and managing each one separately.

  • Bespoke Training Software
  • App Design
  • SEO
  • PR/Marketing
  • Web Design
  • Photography
  • Video Production
  • Print Service
  • Event Management

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