A lavish aircraft unveiling fit for Royalty

It takes a special level of understanding to produce cgi for world leading military and commercial aircraft technology manufacturer BAE Systems. We are extremely proud of our long standing relationship with the organisation, working on several high level projects. One of our first offered the rare opportunity to combine our technical and creative cgi skills – and it had to impress the most elite of audiences.




The Brief

We were initially commissioned to create CBT training material for ground and air crew on the Eurofighter Typhoon.

As the project progressed we were briefed to produce content for a lavish handover event, during which the Saudi Prince was to take delivery of the first 72 Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft on behalf of The Royal Saudi Air Force. The event had to impress, and it was our utmost priority to ensure that our work played a pivotal role in exceeding the high expectations of BAE systems for project.



Our Response

The Short CGI team worked closely with experiential agency WRG who transformed an empty hangar into an elaborate theatre space for the Typhoon sales presentation to take place.

We produced a high resolution 3D model which was projected onto a huge screen, giving the impression of an aircraft hovering in the centre of the auditorium. This amazing animated sequence added a real sense of drama and build up as a prelude to the real aircraft reveal.



How we do it


Please note all images shown in this area have been recreated to show the principles of this work in order to protect client confidentiality