VR Military Training


We have been producing e-Learning content for VR military training over 21 years and have helped steer Clients Like Rolls-Royce and BAE Systems from black and white view foils to computer generated imagery and animation (CGI) to the latest evolution, Virtual & Augmented Reality.

VR provides a deeply immersive, virtual world within which the trainee can interact with equipment and carry out training exercises under both normal and emergency scenarios, in perfect safety and without the need to remove equipment from operational service.

Virtual Reality Society

“using VR in education provides benefits including: Active rather than passive experience. An immersive experience without distractions. Immediate engagement”

Our Process

Easy steps to get success

1 - Enquiry

The first point of contact, send us a request from our site or call us for a chat. There’s no commitment and you don’t have to be an expert – that’s our job.

2 - Brief

We’ll ensure we have a clear understanding of your objectives, expectations and budget. We always start at the end and work backwards, to make sure we achieve the best results.

3 - Proposal

We’ll look at your brief create a proposal detailing how we’ll achieve your objectives. This will outline the content required and our recommendations of the best platforms for your project.

4 - Design & Development

After fine tuning your proposal, we get started on the exciting part – bringing your project to life.

5 - Staged Sign Offs

We’ll request your sign off at various stages during the project, ensuring that we are the on right path at every step of the way.

6 - Testing

We’ll run a series of tests across multiple platforms as required, to ensure your launch will run smoothly.

7 - Delivery

Whether its face to face or sent across the web, when it comes to the delivery of your project it’s our key objective to ensure that you are happy.  If you feel that you need additional support in-house or at a Trade show, we can offer a full turnkey solution Content/Hardware/Support.