All geared up for a lasting partnership with Allison Transmissions

Short cgi were commissioned to create a detailed technical animation to showcase the launch of the 3000 series gearbox for global giant Allison Transmissions. Our work was showcased as part of an experiential event created by Centrescreen, at the European product launch in the Netherlands, where it can be seen today.

Following this success, we were recommissioned by Allison Transmission to create an interactive CBT training application for use in the organisation’s European customer training centre.


Overlay comments

  • Model optimised using supplied CAD data
  • Digital assets used in CBT training lead to significant reduction in training times.
  • Digital asset reused across Training and Marketing Departments leading to cost efficiencies.
  • Future products can be visualised in any scenario to a photo-real finish.

This is apart of our Land,Sea & Air campaign please view our other two pages.