At Short CGI, we pride ourselves on the longstanding relationships that we forge with our clients.

We’ve recently been commissioned to work on the next phase of the Eurofighter Typhoon for BAE systems and with this comes the realisation that we’ve now been producing CGI for the Typhoon for almost two decades.

This ongoing project began when we were appointed by Rolls Royce to work on the engine in collaboration with BAE Systems, creating CBT training material for ground and air crew on the Eurofighter Typhoon for the RAF.

Our relationship with both organisations has gone from strength to strength and its fantastic to see it come full circle and be supporting BAE systems on this latest project.

We recently caught up with Neal Palmer at Rolls Royce and he had some brilliant things to say about his experience of working with us:

“I first worked with Chris Guerin in 1999 when he was a leading light on the Rolls-Royce Distance Learning Team (now called Learning Technologies Team).  We collaborated on production of the e-learning package for the EJ200, which is the powerplant for the Eurofighter 2000 (or Typhoon) aircraft.

“Not only did Chris design truly stunning graphics and animations, he co-ordinated with my customer (the Royal Air Force) and other e-learning and graphic design experts from the programmes’ partner companies across Europe.  Chris also managed the development of the whole learning package, which included hierarchy and learning objectives, course design and content and voice-scripts.

“Chris is a proactive, enthusiastic businessman with first order knowledge and skills of his company’s product.  I particularly depend on Chris’s opinion for ‘value for money’ and ‘fit for purpose’ as we can find ourselves spending lots of money and time on projects that take on their own requirements. He never disappoints.”