Google HQ

One of our geeky dreams is a visit to Google, we had been invited by Creative England for a visit and talk on emerging web technology’s and how the youth of today are already using the web as their main way of accessing there entertainment rather than the old fashion TV.

We were asked if we would like our website to be review and critiqued if front of an audience of similar company and we were more than happy to, if you are going to let anyone in the world give you feed back on your site its going to be Google. Feed back was great they loved the content and design but we fell down in our naming of our content to help the optimisation of the site.

We also had an enlightening talk from one of the UK’s emerging YouTube Star Dan of Dan & Phil , who not only makes money now from having over 1 million views of his Blog style rants, but has also turn his talent as a Radio 1 DJ because of it.