DSEi EXHIBITION – Land, Sea & Air

A part of my job that I really enjoy is going along to expos and show and seeing the work we produce for our clients come to life – and the forthcoming DSEI exhibition is one of my favourites.

Just a few weeks away, DSEI is the world’s leading defence and security exhibition. This year’s event expects to host 30,000 attendees, including top level international military staff, major procurement officials, and the entire industry supply chain.

As a world-class technical CGI studio specialising in Land, Sea and Air, we’ve been producing materials for clients, including BAE Systems and Rolls Royce, to use at DSEI for several years.

And we can assure you – for us creative types, nothing beats the buzz of walking around an exhibition hall and seeing the Imagery, Animation and Interactive content we’ve put together doing it’s job and playing an integral role in promoting client’s products.

You see, we really believe that the devil is in the detail – and it’s exactly that which your customer want to see.

Yet how can you really showcase something that can’t be filmed or photographed?

It takes a special kind of talent to visualise the inner workings of engines and gearboxes and the intricate design of pistons and camshafts and this is where at Short CGI we come into our own. Detail means everything to us and when you are dealing with the top names in the industry, it has to be spot on.

Fortunately for our clients, we’ve a wealth of experience in producing content for DSEI’s key areas – Land, Sea and Air – and we’re busy putting the finishing touches to their training and marketing materials.

The DSEI Land Zone is set to be impressive, featuring a land theatre to provide insight into the future of the international land sector. With prime contractors to niche specialist suppliers, it demonstrates the latest platforms from major vehicle manufacturers and suppliers in the defence industry as well as a static land display.

We’ve extensive experience in producing content for this field and have a solid partnership with Allison Transmissions. Commissioned to create a detailed technical animation to showcase the launch of the 3000 series gearbox, our work was showcased as part of an experiential event created by Centrescreen, at the European product launch in the Netherlands, where it can be seen today. It’s fair to say that we know what’s required when it comes to producing content for this sector.

We’re also CGI experts in the sea and marine sector and extremely excited about the DSEI Sea Zone. The proximity of the DSEI to the Royal Victoria Dock enables the event to play host to an impressive array of marine vessels, from warships to high speed craft. It’s a truly impressive sight.

We’re extremely proud of our longstanding relationship with Rolls-Royce – indeed, it’s the place where founder I first developed my passion for CGI.

During this time we’ve produced digital assets of the full portfolio of engines, seeing several through their entire product lifecycle. Our work on the MT30 marine Gas Turbine engine, housed in numerous applications, began in 2001. As the product has evolved, we’ve worked closely with the Rolls-Royce team creating variants of the engine as required.

This year’s DSEI Air Zone offers a dedicated air theatre as well as a static vehicle display, and will address the frontline operational requirements and support functions available to the aerospace and rotary sector. Short CGI have a longstanding relationship with BAE Systems, working on several high level projects and producing content for several exhibitions.

Our work with BAE Systems began in 2009 when we were commissioned to create CBT training material for ground and air crew on the Eurofighter Typhoon. In the same year, The Royal Saudi Air Force took delivery of the first 72 Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft at a lavish handover event. We were commissioned to produce a high resolution 3D model to be projected onto a huge screen, giving the impression of an aircraft hovering in the centre of the auditorium.

We’ve also worked on training material for The Hawk Training Jet 165 and 127 for use by the Middle East and Asia Pacific air forces, working onsite in line with security regulations.

So as you can see, when it comes to producing top level imagery, animation and interactive content for this sector, we really are world leaders.

DSEI is just around the corner, and we know from experience that there will always be last minute requirements. There’s still time so do get in touch if we can help out – it’s what we do best.