These are the types of special days that we really like at Short CGI, we were asked to visit a local school to talk to a class of Children ages ranging 9-10. The talk was to explain different careers and what they could look at doing in the future.

The talk took the children through how Chris Guerin our MD got started drawing kitchen
designs for his father’s kitchen manufacturing business to landing a dream job at Rolls- Royce to now owning his own business.

The most enjoyable part of the day had to be questions from the kids , I think the first one was “How much do you earn to do you know any famous people”. We did manage to steer them back to more relevant questions and explaining they could start to animate now and how they could use smartphone and tables to make a moving

After the talk we receive some creative feedback that the kids love and we just hope at least one has been inspired to be the next Walt Disney or John Lassiter.